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ZeLoop tackling the monumental issue of plastic pollution and litter accumulation

Skye Logan & Stephen Nagy

FHIOS Health Technologies: Pioneering Health Innovation

David Quinney & Stephen Nagy

Equity and Help at

Monday Money Club

Stephen Nagy & Skye Logan

Driving Impactful Change

and Leading the Way

Stephen Nagy & Skey Logan

OriginClear at
Monday Money Club

Stephen Nagy & Ken Berenger

Unlocking the Power

of PhilanthroInvesting

Skye Logan & Brittany Chetyrbok

Invest in Innovation

with Riggs Eckelberry

& Devin Miller

Transforming Plastic Recycling:

Path to Environmental Resilience

Eric Schaffner & Felecia Froe

Profits Aligned Global Impact

Skye Logan's Philanthroinvestors

Skye Logan & Allison Summers

Decentralizing Water Treatment: OriginClear's Innovative Solution

Riggs Eckelberry & Felecia Froe

The birth of FHIOS

A Passion for Healthcare

& Mapable US

New Opportunity To Invest
In Water As An Asset

Riggs Eckelberry & Stephen Nagy

Invest in Innovation

with Riggs Eckelberry

& Devin Miller

Aligning Personal and Corporate Missions for Investor Success

Skye Logan & Andrew Frazier

Exploring Impactful Finance Together - Looking Beyond Profit

Skye Logan & Felecia Froe, MD

Diverse Investment Strategies: Tackling Top Investor Concerns!

Skye Logan & Wealth Matter

Escape the Monotony of Conventional Markets l

JMMB & Skye Logan

Just Minding My Business

Riggs Eckelberry, CEO OriginClear

Accelerating Growth
through Delegation

Skye Logan & Devin Miller

Just Minding My Business

David Quinney, FHIOS Health

Audio Podcasts

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OriginClear: Unveiling the Future of Crowd Funding!

With Riggs Eckelberry & Mapable USA

"Accelerating Growth through Delegation" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs

With Skye Logan & Devin Miller

InJoy Success Podcast - Episode #232: Philanthro-Investing

With Skye Logan & Jeff Baietto, InJoy Success Podcast

When Crowdfunding Meets Philanthropy

With Skye Logan & Mapable USA

Screen and Prevent Diseases with "Predictive Health" Technology

With David Quinney & Mapable USA

Disruptive CEO Nation

With Ivan Anz & Allison Summers

Equity and Help: Philanthropy and Real Estate Investing

With Jaime Gomez & Mapable USA

"Water On Demand" : A Regulation A+ Crowdfunding Story

With Riggs Eckelberry & Mapable USA

How Did They Do it? Real Estate - Philanthropy, Social Cause, and Impact Investing

With Ivan Anz & Seyla and Aileen Prak

Giving Your Money with Mission by PhilanthroInvesting

With Ivan Anz & Felecia Froe MD

Episode 36: PhilanthroInvesting with Ivan Anz

With Ivan Anz & Lorraine Schuchart, The Prosper Project Show

Investing in Life Essentials

With Ivan Anz & Entrepreneurs on Fire: inspiring interviews

The Conscious Action Podcast - Investing in the improvement of society

With Ivan Anz & Brian Berneman

The Afterword on Financial Investing: A conversation About the Future of Words

With Ivan Anz

Health, Water, and Crowdfunding

With Ivan Anz & Mapable USA

Keepin It Real - "As We Say 100"

With Ivan Anz & Caramel Lucas

Beyond 7 Figures: Build, Scale, Profit

With Ivan Anz & Charles Gaudet

The WEInvested Podcast

With Ivan Anz & Wesley Earp

The Nuts and Bolts - Philanthropy & Real Estate Investing

With Ivan Anz & Julie Clark & Joe Bauer

243 l Investing in Life Essentials through PhilanthroInvesting

With Ivan Anz & Paul Zelizer

The Secret Thoughts of CEO's Podcast - Listening to God's Calling

With Ivan Anz & Chris Yonker

What is "Philanthroinvesting" and why will it change our planet

With Ivan Anz & Sean Sparkman

Don't be a Solopreneur, Hire Your Most Important First Employee On Day One

With Ivan An & Nei Ball, The Entrepreneurs Way

How to Earn 12% Return and Help Low Income Families Afford a Home

With Ivan An & Roger Becker, Street Smart Success

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Discover what people say about diverse investment options

  • Stock Market Basics: Learn about different types of stocks, including growth stocks, blue-chip stocks, and tech stocks. Whether you're interested in small-cap stocks or large-cap stocks, we've got you covered.

  • Bond Market Explained: Discover the security of treasury bonds, the community-focused municipal bonds, and the corporate world of corporate bonds.

  • Exploring Funds: Understand how mutual funds, index funds, and ETFs can diversify your portfolio.

  • Real Estate Investment: From REITs to real estate crowdfunding, explore how you can invest in property without buying a house.

  • Precious Metals: Learn about investing in gold and silver and understand their role in a diversified portfolio.

  • Advanced Investment Strategies: Learn about options trading, futures trading, and the complexities of forex trading.

  • Retirement Planning Made Easy: Learn about your 401(k), IRA, and Roth IRA. Understand how savings accounts, high-yield savings accounts, and certificates of deposit can contribute to a secure retirement.

  • Innovative investing: We also explore angel investing, venture capital, hedge funds, and private equity for those who want to enter the world of advanced investing.

Sustainable and Ethical Investing

In today's world, ESG and impact investing are not just buzzwords, but essential strategies for responsible growth. Learn how ethical and socially responsible investing (SRI) can make a difference while still achieving profitability.

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